24. Oktober 2017

Privacy Statement

We are happy that you are interested in our website and our company. Despite meticulous content examination, we cannot assume any liability for external links to any external content.

We care about the protection of your personal information that is collected, processed, and used during your visit to our website. Your information is protected according to all legal requirements. Below you will find information on the kind of data collected during your visit to our website, and how that data is being used.

1. Data collection and processing
Any access to our website and any access to a file stored on our website is logged. The information is stored for internal system-related and statistical purposes. The following information is logged: name of the accessed file, access date and time, transferred data volume, successful access notification, web browser, and the requesting domain. Moreover, the IP addresses of the requesting computers are logged.
Any other personal information will only be collected if you provide it willingly, e.g. during a request or registration process.

2. Use and forwarding of personal information
To the extent that you have provided us with personal information, we shall only use it to answer your inquiries, to execute contracts made with you, and for technical administration purposes.
Your personal information shall not be forwarded or otherwise transmitted to any third parties unless required for the processing of the contract—including but not limited to the forwarding of order information to a supplier—or billing purposes, or unless you have previously agreed to it. You have the right to revoke such given consent at any time, effective for the future.
Your stored personal information will be deleted when you revoke your consent to such storage, when it is no longer necessary for us to have that information to fulfill the intended purpose of such storage, or when the data storage is not permitted for other legal reasons.

3. Right to information
We are happy to provide you with information on your stored personal data upon your written request.

Safety note: We strive to store your personal information in such a way that it is inaccessible to any third parties by taking all technical and organizational measures. However, we cannot guarantee for full data security in email communication. If you wish to transmit confidential information, we would recommend you send it by regular mail.

The stored and collected information is anonymized for analysis and evaluated in order to inform our customers about the market environment.