2. Juni 2017

The my.readbox author portal

Authors as multipliers, publishers as service providers

The my.readbox author portal makes your publishing services more transparent—to the great joy of your authors, editors, and/or agencies. An automated workflow will benefit both sides: Processes speed up, communication becomes more efficient, and cooperation quality increases. At the same time, your own workload is reduced, e.g. thanks to automated media clipping and campaign reporting, and your authors get the chance to use their own reach to promote their titles independently. Click on one of the images to enlarge and read a description:

my.readbox is a tenant-enabled system: The user management console allows you to share modules and features regarding

  • workflow,
  • data management and communication,
  • reporting, and
  • marketing

with your authors or editors, effectively making them active marketing agents for your content. Why don’t we sit down together to discuss how to keep your authors, editors, and agencies by your side and involve them in the promotion of your, and their, titles? Just use the form below to contact us. We will be happy to get back to you: