23. Mai 2017

This could be your marketing solution:

Thank you for stopping by. We’re not going to keep you. After all, we know you don’t have much time—just like your customers. That is why conversion is always at the heart of our efforts: how your customer arrives at your product. Higher sales figures, lower effort:

Browse this page for more information on the individual modules of our publishing software, my.readbox, or call us for a consultation—no strings attached. Our customer managers Anika Kirchhoff, Stephanie Rahmede, and Christian Körner are happy to assist you at +49 (0)231 586933-44.


my.readbox previews+

Conversion optimization included thanks to a web reader (weiterlesen.de / newreads.com) and a direct purchase link to let readers buy on all relevant channels. A sure way to increase reach and revenue. Now with an all-new Facebook app. [mehr]


my.readbox keyword.box

The my.readbox keyword.box scans a multitude of sources for relevant search terms for your titles and uses these for automatic keyword generation, thus improving the findability of your products on Google, Amazon & Co. [mehr]


my.readbox in-book marketing

The my.readbox in-book marketing module helps you to keep your readers close and sell more: We have already increased sales of titles thus marketed by up to 60 %. [mehr]


my.readbox author portal

The my.readbox author portal makes your communication more efficient: Author satisfaction increases, publisher’s costs go down. Moreover, the reach of your authors and editors will be to your advantage [mehr]


my.readbox advance reader copies (ARCs)

Our comprehensive solution for (cost-)effective ARC management. Includes tracking, reporting, and ratings and reviews for your title marketing. [mehr]


my.readbox amazon sales rank

The amazon sales rank module in my.readbox gives you everything at a glance: sales ranks and rank changes of your printed and digital titles, your competition’s performance, ratings, reviews, and so much more. There is no easier way to see the fruit of your marketing efforts. [mehr]


my.readbox bundle creator

New sales potential for your portfolio: The my.readbox bundle creator can boost backlist titles right back into the limelight. All it takes is a few clicks at no extra production cost. [mehr]


my.readbox media monitoring

A fully automatic clipping service: Our systems are continuously scanning a whopping 3,000 sources for any mention of your titles, authors, publisher’s name, and more. [mehr]


my.readbox campaign management

A central management console including budget and success monitoring for your digital and physical campaigns. Also available within the my.readbox author portal as a report for your authors, editors, and agencies. [mehr]


The my.readbox family of solutions includes many more modules and features, e.g. for production, distribution, and reporting/billing. Feel free to contact us for a personal meeting, so we can show you the whole range of opportunities a customized my.readbox solution can offer you. Just complete the form below, and we’ll get back to you shortly.