22. Mai 2017

An offer they can’t refuse: digital book previews

my.readbox previews+: because consistent conversion optimization and prime user experience are not mutually exclusive

The world is growing more digital and mobile by the day, leaving your readers with less and less time to perceive, and engage with, your products*. It is therefore all the more important for your ads to be targeted, relevant, and to the point. They should be easy to interact with and, above all, offer a good user experience. And that is a textbook description of our my.readbox previews. For additional reach, embed your digital book previews in your Facebook page and create and manage wide-coverage, targeted Facebook ads—all without leaving your my.readbox account. Click on one of the images to enlarge and read a description:

We’ll be happy to give you more details about the opportunities and the experience of other users of our book preview module. Don’t be shy:

  *Cf. “Attention Spans” study, Microsoft Canada Consumer Insights (2015): The average attention span of a digital user today is only 8 seconds.