2. Juni 2017

my.readbox advance reader copies (ARCs)

Your standard solution to supply retailers, journalists, bloggers, and other multipliers with digital ARCs

Provide editors, authors, licensors, representatives, and dealers with ARCs—quicker, user-friendlier and more cost-effective than ever. Providing the recipients with digital advance reader copies in all relevant formats for download via an automatically created landing page is easy as pie. NEW: Activate the rating feature when creating an ARC to get direct feedback from the recipients. Readers can now use the download landing page to rate the title and cover and write a review*. Click on one of the images to enlarge and read a description:

  • Automated: Creation, provision, hosting, and publication of your advanced reader copies via a conversion-optimized landing page—fully automatic in just one step.
  • Appropriate: Recipients have registered, controllable access to the landing page, which offers all the necessary download options of their individual (and copy-protected, if you want) copy.
  • Scalable: More features are provided by our campaign management module.
  • Measurable: Direct success monitoring and evaluation based on recipient behavior, plus quick and efficient options to raise the conversion rate of your ARC campaign even more.
  • Linkable: … with reporting modules, so you can see how your campaign influences reach, marketing effect, sales, and revenue.

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities offered by the standard solution for the dispatch of digital advance reader copies? We would be happy to help:

  * By providing a review, the reviewer also agrees to the use of that information in the publisher’s marketing communication. This means you are automatically on the safe side, and your marketing activities benefit from the feedback of professional readers (book traders, journalists, bloggers).