24. Oktober 2017

The my.readbox shop check

A 360-degree view of your title availability and retail prices

The my.readbox shop check module is an easy, user-friendly tool which can tell you at any time whether your titles are available at all retailers, and at which price. This is an important feature—and not just after initial distribution—because it always gives you an up-to-date overview during and after metadata updates, e.g. for price campaigns and other promotions. It also helps to know if and where titles are still available when rights are given back and titles are pulled off the shelves. You can access the shop check at the individual title level of your existing titles. Moreover, we consistently query the status of your titles in retail and make this information available to you in standard reports.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Availability check (yes/no) of an eBook title in the catalogs of the most important retailers (title-level request)
  • Check and reporting of the current price of the respective title(s) compared to the current metadata on file
  • Continuous availability and price check of your titles as an overall export/online report