23. Oktober 2017

The my.readbox statistics center

Data transformer, market analyzer, sales catalyst

The statistics center is the heart and soul of the Reporting & Debtor Management module package. It provides you with the most relevant statistics and analyses, pre-defined and readily available. They give you the most important key figures and performance indicators for your business. Click on one of the thumbnails to enlarge the image and read a description:

A number of filter settings helps you tailor the standard analyses to your needs. For example, perhaps you only want to see the results for the last month or quarter, or evaluate individual titles. An overview provides you with the most important key figures at a glance; two additional evaluation areas then allow you to perform a more detailed analysis broken down by shops, price groups, titles, authors, series, etc. The TOP evaluation then yields a ranked list of results, and the Development area provides a chronological view.

BRAND NEW: The 360-degree timeline

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  Beyond the standard evaluations provided by the my.readbox statistics center, there is the my.readbox statistics center pro: entirely individual queries and evaluations. Are you curious to learn more about the possibilities of statistical evaluation of your business with the my.readbox publishing software? Then call us at +49 (0)231 586933-44 or drop us a line using the email form below. We look forward to hearing from you: