27. Mai 2017

Measure the success of your printed and digital products

amazon sales rank (ASR): a quick and simple one-stop shop

The Amazon sales rank analysis provides you with an overview of the sales ranks and daily development of your printed and electronic books—all in one place. View the top ten titles at a glance, the winners and losers, new reviews, and much more. What’s more, not only can you monitor your own titles, but you can set any available book as a reference title, e.g. for licensed titles. Click on one of the images to enlarge and read a description:

The most important features at a glance:

  • Automatic daily tally of the Amazon sales ranks of the titles available in your title catalog (printed and eBook)
  • Adding other printed and electronic books of your choice to the watchlist
  • Statistical representation of Amazon sales ranks as an overview of all titles and their ranks in the last three days or as a detailed view for one title
  • Title benchmarking with reference titles to get a quick overview of several titles
  • Display of the top ten printed books and eBooks
  • Display of Amazon customer ratings in the title overview
  • Direct link to the title detail page and/or Amazon reviews
  • Integration of the daily top five titles-on-the-rise in the my.readbox dashboard

Why don’t you test it and see for yourself how the my.readbox ASR module works for you and your portfolio? We will be happy to negotiate a trial period. All you need to do is ask, on the phone (+49 231 586933-44) or via the contact form below: