27. Mai 2017

readbox: Making your content available, visible, easy to find, and easy to buy.

We understand the market, the digital business, and the technology.

We at readbox help publishers and other content providers to drive sales and revenue while at the same time simplifying their processes by means of software- and technology-based solutions. So we are enabling them to generate, market, and sell their content in a way that is quick, efficient, cost-effective, and market-oriented. We are more than just a service provider: We see ourselves as an equal partner for our customers. A partner with extraordinary consulting expertise and with products which offer a true added value.

Automated business processes for our customers, especially in sales and marketing. More reach and increased revenue. More efficiency, higher speed, and lower costs. Making our publishers fit for the future.

We understand the market, the digital business, and the technology. Based on this comprehensive knowledge, we constantly research and develop solutions which prepare you to meet the current challenges and the upcoming shifts of the market. For example, we were the first to develop and introduce the in-book marketing technology and an automatic, digital advance reader copy management. We are selling more than 1 million eBooks per month via retail and direct distribution for our publishers. Since late 2016, we have also been serving the academic self-publishing market with our innovative and powerful out-of-the-box solution, readbox unipress.


readbox management:


Ralf Biesemeier,

Managing Partner



Marcus Straßer,

Head of Research and Software & Product Development



Nicole Schürer,

Head of Finance & Controlling



Christian Körner,

Head of Sales & Operative Business



Alexandra Biesemeier,

Head of HR & Administration