24. Oktober 2017

my.readbox module package: Reporting & Debtor Management

We turn data into information and information into knowledge. And you can make the best of your portfolio.

With the features of our Reporting & Debtor Management module package, we have made it our goal to make a complex topic as easy as possible for our publishers. We do not leave you stranded with various data availabilities and formats. Instead, we make sure that you have all the necessary information at hand at all times to navigate the maze of sales, revenue, publisher’s share, sales ranks, and marketing reach. The data is available both in the system itself and in normalized form, ready for your analysis—also via EDItX and other APIs for your SAP, Klopotek, Pondus, or knk systems. So you know what is happening on the market, which activities and actions are successful, which titles (or authors, price groups, genres) work best in which channel, and much more. The my.readbox statistics center is the heart and soul of this module package. We have taken the liberty of predefining the most basic statistics and analytics for you. They can be retrieved via a simple request and will provide you with the essential KPIs of your business. If you are looking for greater depth, the my.readbox statistics center pro may be right up your alley: more in-depth data and functionalities to see how your titles perform, virtually in real time. You can also compare and contrast titles with each other. This is done via flexible evaluation options with filters that can be freely defined and combined and also be saved for later analyses and shared with other users in the publishing house. And the generated reports can be exported for use in presentations and other documents. The daily sales trends module is your very own crystal ball: Even before the retailers publish their monthly sales reports, you can view up-to-date sales figures, revenue, your expected earnings, and the immediate impact of promotions and price campaigns. This gives you a head start in knowledge and enables you to react quickly to trends, flexibly adapt your strategies, and therefore act faster and be more agile on the market. An overview of the Amazon sales ranks of your eBooks is provided in the corresponding my.readbox module. No need for the tedious job of retrieving that information individually from the shop or from Vendor Central. We straighten up your data, providing you with an overview of all reported titles with a more detailed individual view in tow. Thanks to integration in the campaign management module, you will also receive information about how your individual marketing activities influence the sales figures (same as with the daily trends). About the individual modules:

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