2. Juni 2017

my.readbox media monitoring: a fully automatic clipping service

Effective, transparent, cost-cutting

The my.readbox media monitoring module is part of the Business Analytics package, which combines all modules and features which, together, allow for a 360-degree view of your business: In addition to, for example, daily trend figures, reader conduct analysis (book preview and in-book marketing use data), and campaign evaluation, we are offering you real-time analytics of your marketing reach with this fully automatic clipping service. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image and read a description:

Our systems are continuously scanning a whopping 3,000 curated sources for any mention of your titles, authors, publisher’s name, imprints, and more. All hits are automatically archived together with an automatic screen capture and provided within the module. This gives you a daily overview of who talks about your program, and howwithout actively involving your press department or agency. And then you can use the my.readbox author portal to share the results of your PR work with your authors, editors, and agencies—simply by sharing the module with the respective users. Sounds interesting? Then why don’t we sit down together and talk about how my.readbox media monitoring, and possibly other modules as well, can help you improve and automate your processes: