24. Oktober 2017

readbox epub2print: how eBooks can boost your print business

Change your course towards agile, market-oriented publishing.

What if you knew that your new release was a success even BEFORE the book has been printed in the first place? What if you didn’t have to invest in logistics and distribution until you could be sure that it would pay off? And what if you could even drastically reduce your production costs while doing so?

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The epub2print solution by readbox gives a whole new meaning to the “Digital First” business model. We provide you with the technology to generate a finished print template from an epub, quickly and efficiently. This does not require investing in any new typesetting, new conversion, or costly XML processes.

By now, a number of titles are available which were produced for our customers using the epub2print technique. Upon request, we will also take care of printing, reporting, and distribution of the titles for you. To that end, we are collaborating with reputable, well-established print and logistics partners. Feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help: