2. Juni 2017

my.readbox bundle creator

Generate additional revenue*—it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s automatic

The my.readbox bundle creator utilizes the untapped sales and revenue potential of your portfolio. Without utilization of your production resources, create omnibuses, anthologies, or advance reader bundles of your upcoming releases with just a few clicks, directly as part of the marketing or product management/copy editing process. And the result? New products granting your existing titles renewed visibility and directly generating additional sales, quick and easy and highly automated. Click on one of the images to enlarge and read a description:

  • You can use the statistical evaluation in my.readbox to regularly identify bundle-worthy titles and series.
  • The my.readbox bundle creator creates the new products, and readbox distributes them directly to the retailers.
  • No utilization of production resources: The bundles are created in the my.readbox bundle creator as part of the marketing or copy editing process—it only takes a few minutes per bundle.

Sounds interesting? We’ll be happy to meet with you in person to discuss the benefits and possible uses of the my.readbox bundle creator for your business:

  *Read herehow HarperCollins achieved additional revenue in the five digits in just five months—all because of the my.readbox bundle creator.