25. Mai 2017

Improved findability of your titles with my.readbox keyword.box

Because what you get is what you see

The keyword.box already helped us achieve a 130 % revenue increase for titles by our publishers*. And, mind you, the module has only been around since December 2016. The results speak for themselves: It is vital to your success as a publisher to have your books displayed as relevant hits when your target group enters the corresponding search terms into Google, Facebook, Amazon & Co. Our tip: Don’t bother with finding the adequate keywords for your titles. Instead, let the keyword.box tell you what your target group is searching for—and how easily your titles can be found based on these search profiles. The system allows you to optimize findability, and your titles’ success along with it, with just a few clicks. Click on one of the images to enlarge and read a description:

There is considerable room for improvement regarding findability, reach, and visibility in your program, too. Wanna bet? Give us a try! Call us at +49 231 586933-44 or use our contact form:

  * Test results for non-fiction: comparison of sales figures before/after optimization of 51 titles (test group) with a non-optimized control group (68 titles).