As much standardization as possible, as much customization as necessary: Making products become solutions!

The economic success of your business is at the heart of everything we do. We translate our comprehensive know-how of market dynamics, business processes, and technological capability into software-based solutions enabling you to generate, market, and sell your content in a way that is quicker, more efficient, cost-effective, and market-oriented than ever before.

At the same time, we are offering you the flexibility to use only the products and services you really need, making our solutions fit your very own individual needs and requirements.

No matter whether you want to use our services for digital distribution serving your own contracts, or as an aggregator using our retail conditions, or perhaps a mixture of both: We distribute master copies and are one of only a few vendors in Germany to maintain our own remote digital warehouse, that even enables you to offer and sell the Amazon .mobi format on your own websitesat no extra cost.

Whether you choose readbox as your content distributor or not, you can always use our tools and services to market your eBooks and audiobooks to consumers directly, with or without DRM or watermarking. And of course you should always remember to offer a digital sample (all formats) for each of your eBooks. This will further boost conversion rates. Needless to say, we make sure you get all that – without any additional integration requirements on your side.

Of course, we also offer eBook, print and audio book production and conversion. The choice is yours—we will always deliver a solution which meets your requirements perfectly.

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