There are many arguments in favor of readbox. Perhaps the most important one is this: Your success matters to us!

More than just a service provider

At readbox, we have a very clear idea of what success means: We are on your team and we want to understand your business. And so we develop products and troubleshooting strategies, both standard and custom, which yield measurable results—be it by means of efficiency gains, cost reduction, or increases in sales, revenue, and proceeds. All for you to reach your goals. Because we won’t reach our own goals until you do.

Transparency, loyalty, fairness

Transparency and fairness dictate all our actions and are also reflected in our business model: Our distribution service comes with no annual fees, data storage charges, or minimum sales figures. You also do not have to worry about your publisher’s earnings: We tally your earnings every month and transfer the money promptly in the form of credit notes issued to you. You do not have to write an invoice or do anything else.


We are experts for the entire “digital value chain,” and we bring together our know-how from many different areas: production, logistics, sales and distribution, marketing, and debtor management. This holds a number of advantages for you, not least due to our innovative solutions, such as in-book marketing by readbox: a prime example for the synergy of know-how in production, distribution, and software.

Utmost flexibility: for solutions that fit you like a glove

Software development is one of our core competencies. It makes us flexible in terms of interfaces, for example: when integrating new online shopping sites or loading sales data directly in your publishing systems. Moreover, we enrich and refine your metadata in our system before distribution: We make sure that your content is presented in the best possible way and can easily be found both in retail and direct business. This means that we offer solutions which fit in seamlessly with our clients‘ process and system landscapes, making their processes easier, quicker, and better.

Innovative products and thinking ahead of the market

We know the market, digital business, and technology. Based on this comprehensive knowledge, we research and develop today the solutions and products which will be relevant in the digital society of tomorrow. Our publishers benefit from this development achievement: better services and unique products and features which leave them well-equipped for the challenge of market shifts. Why are we doing this? Because we are more than just a service provider, logistics specialist, or aggregator.

And this leads us directly to our promise to you:

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