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Hello. We’re readbox. We help publishers and other content providers to drive sales and revenue. At the same time, we simplify their operational processes, thus enabling them to generate, market, and sell their content in a way that is quicker, more efficient, cost-effective, and market-oriented than ever before.

We have a deep understanding of markets, market dynamics, consumer behavior, and technology. We invest heavily in research and development, in order to be able to prepare you for the current challenges and the upcoming shifts of the market. Today, we are selling well over 1 million eBooks per month via retail and direct distribution for our customers.

We are more than just another service provider. WE KNOW. 360° ePUBLISHING.[:]

Why readbox?

Of all good reasons that speak in our favor, there is one that is most important: We care about your success!

We are more than just a service provider

tool9At readbox, we have a very clear idea of what success means:  We are on your team and it is important for us to understand your business. And so we develop software solutions, both standard and custom, which yield measurable results—by gaining more efficiency, reducing costs, or increasing sales, revenue, and proceeds. Because we can only reach our goals if you reach yours.

Transparency, loyalty, fairness

clipboard45We truly believe in tran-sparency: Our dis-tribution service comes with no annual fees, data sto-rage charges, or minimum sales. You also do not have to worry about your earnings: We pay your earnings every month and transfer the money promptly as credit notes. So you do not have to write an invoice or do anything else.


toolbox3We are experts for everything digital: from production, logistics, sales and distribution, marketing to analytics and credit control. For you, this translates into a number of advantages. For example, take a look at our In-Book-Marketing software offering: a prime example of the synergy of know-how in production, distribution, and software

Utmost flexibility: for solutions that fit you like a glove

speedometer26Software development is one of our core competences. It makes us flexible in building APIs, for example, when interfacing to online retailers or pushing out data for further processing directly in your own systems and infrastructure (we have built interfaces from and to many publishing software systems out there, such as knk, klopotek, open.junixx, SAP and more). We enrich and refine your metadata before distribution to make sure that your content is presented in the best possible way and ranks well both on retailers’ sites and when marketing it directly. In a nutshell, we offer solutions which fit in seamlessly with our clients‘ process and system landscapes, making their processes easier, quicker, cost-efficient, and better.

Developing innovative products and thinking ahead

hand120We understand market dynamics, consumer behavior, and technology. Based on this comprehensive knowledge, we research and develop the solutions and products which will prepare you for the current challenges and the upcoming shifts of the market. Why are we doing this? Because we are more than just another service provider, distributor, or aggregator.

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readbox has the necessary infrastructure and flexibility to cope with our large number of titles and the requirement to make our weekly publications available on time. During our cooperation, we have been impressed time after time with their comprehensive technical know-how and their innovative enthusiasm, which helps us to market and further develop our extensive product range in the best possible way. So we have found a very capable and service-oriented partner in readbox, and we trust them completely with our digital business.